Dec 28, 2014
sheeple..... ugh,

an fb post about buffalo culling crossed my fb feed, it talked about culling buffallo for brucellosis testing, and then it quoted an article which the was actually talking just about culling because of numbers not because of a zoonotic disease that affects humans...... there are too many people that just believe anything they see and do not do their research..... -_- the ones posting false articles/information -> the article they quoted in their picture -> whats actually happening -> The zoonotic disease -> People gotta start thinking for themselves.... -_-

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Jul 12, 2014
There is no need for feminism any more

Lets call it as it is,

I briefed over it in my last blog
about basic manners between one human being and another

I've ranted about it before
about equal but different

Lets face it girls,
times aren't as hard as they used to be for us

People care now when we say we've been beaten,
they dont judge when we say we dont want kids
or a family
just a career

We are now equal adults standing up for a civilization and no longer a specific gender

From the transvestites to the pansexuals,
they are redefining gender
and sexuality
Which I applaud,

The gays are making such progress
They are helping the equalitism cause

I am not a feminist
I am an Equalitist

We are different, but we are equal

For a very long time people have been using this slogan
For different things, race, gender, sexuality

Now is the time to move forward,We have already come so far, let us go further

Let us unite
Let us realize there is no need to hate our neighbor
There is no need to harbor such unjust feelings

Let us calm and be still
and know that we are equal

for we are different.... but we are equal

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Nov 7, 2013

I read an article not too long ago,
It drove me here to rant,

It talked about the "unicorn of females", how finding a "good girl" is so hard to find. In it I'm assuming he means a "girl that doesn't have a bad story about her", bad story as in "that one threesome in London that one time".

Personally, it pissed me off.

Pissed me off that his definition of a good girl is one that has vanilla sex?
If she has a threesome, hell if she films porn isn't that her call to make? It's not like she's murdering someone or holding starving children in her basement to skin and eat later.

Who does he think he is to hold judgement of who a "good girl" is?

We live in a time and age were sexual exploits are more frequently talked about and accepted. Not that they haven't been around before.
Polyamorous relationships have been around for decades.
Harems,sister wives, three ways, hell gang bangs

Its just more accepted for us women to go after what we have secretly been harboring all these decades.

Calling us whore is not going to make us very happy.

Personally, I feel like he is trying to exploit the girls who do things for attention because they have been deprived of something, whether a normal family upbringing or have been starved for attention, or just have something wrong with their brain.
I'm hoping that is what he meant and not talking about your average well adjusted female who happens to like a little bondage and lets people know about it.

So what if you like a little kink? Come compare notes! Lets chat! Maybe you'll introduce me to something I didn't know existed, that will bring more fulfillment to my sexcapades.

Now the girls I hope he was talking about (half naked on sites that are often viewed by future employers or by family members) not even then, I know friends who wear bikinis because they have the body to wear them (I would if I could). I'm talking the girls who don't feel fulfilled unless they know the whole world likes them. The attention seekers. The ones who post "oh dear I'm so ugly" on a picture they spent 30 mins preparing for, in order to fish for compliments and have people tell them and reaffirm them that they are indeed good looking.
I pity these girls. Hate them because they are skinnier and prettier than me, but pity them because how they can not be happy with out the confirmation of others. That they might actually try to kill themselves over a misplaced comment. They probably were emotionally abused by drug addicted mothers, by alcoholic fathers, and so they can not help but seek that attention elsewhere, in places like social sites, drug, and alcohol, repeating the cycle all over again.

But do not tell me I can't have a threesome then brag about it to my close friends. I've heard plenty of frat boys high five each other because they had a three-way with two other girls. Or about the hot slut they just banged.

If they can, then I can.

This is equality.

I don't expect a male to hold the door open for me, I consider it a gracious gesture from one human being to the next.
Personally I hold doors open out of courtesy to a fellow human being, not because I want to fuck the person behind me, I respect my fellow human beings as people that have to live in the same shitty world I do, if a guy holds a door open for me then I assume that he too understands we are both human and a little courtesy between humans is not too much to ask for,

This is civilization.

Welcome to the new world guys. If you want a virgin, then stay a virgin. If you want a "good girl" who hasn't had any sexual escapades, then hold yourself to the same standards. I don't expect my potential mate to be a "good guy", because that's not the kind of person I want to end up with. Nor would I want to date/marry some guy who sneers at non-virgin women. IF the perfect guy meets me and says "oh your not a virgin, we can't be together" then he gets put in the pile of guys who also said "Oh you're too fat for me to date"

I don't want to be with someone who doesn't accept me for who I am. And I don't expect any less (or any more) from my mate.

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Aug 27, 2013
I don't want us to go to war again

Internally we are not strong. We could fall. We would all die struggling, but we would fall......

It'd be easy for China to attack from the west.

We keep throwing ourselves into things....
Can we not impeach this monster directing us to war? We could stay out of things, build our own internally.....

This just frustrates me, as I sit staring at the news wondering how its going to affect me and my friends.

This is why I avoid the news unless I have to search news.....

We are weak internally, but we are lazy internally......

Freedom has brought us laziness, there is no mother to whip us into action.....

Sometimes I'm afraid my american dream won't come true because of the wars we run to.

I wonder if we have finally reached war world 3 sometimes.... I wonder if the media pushes for world war three....

Yes people are dying n syria, people are dying here in america! Orphans! Meth heads! Drug addicts! Gangs! WE ARE WEAK INTERNALLY! WE WILL COLLAPSE!

Then the even bigger part, the people I care most about are military..... They barely scraped by this last war.... Now this? One of them barely made it out mentally and he barely did anything except sit behind a computer looking at reports. He's unstable as is going in and now this? I haven't seen him since, so only time can tell how he is dealing with it, I want to scope him out......

But that'e more personal than it needs to be.

When the twin towers fell, that was an internal attack, we had to strike back if not just for revenge and to show that we are not weak, you step on the snake your gonna get bit. This is not us, this is their internal stuff and we don't wan't them interfering with us, so don't with them.
Yes people are dying, but people will always be dying everywhere, africa, syria, china, iraq, all those 1st world countries, we must pick our battles.

Ah U.S., ....... who ever/ or if anyone is, pulling the strings of the government, they are being really stupid about everything, the idiots, stupid secret societies, what will going to syria do for us? Is there oil? I'm pretty sure not, how bout we just invade the whole middle east and take it for ourselves? Hmmmm? You know what? Let's just invade the whole freakin world!!! *hmph*
Idiots, idiots the lot of them,

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Jun 19, 2013
Are we ready as a country to have whistle blowers?

Some recent whistle blowers have brought to light some of our countries more darker actions, including spying on our people by the NSA or the actions of the military released by Bradley Manning.

Now in an ideal world yes, whistle blowers are needed, because they help the public, the country work as a whole towards the countries end goal.
And I in no means am saying that what they did was wrong, in fact I applaud them, for their bravery, for their ability to recognize right from wrong and publicize their findings.

What I'm saying, or rather wondering, what we are going to do about it?

Human beings at the core are animals, and animals, when fat and happy don't go seeking trouble. Save for the few predatory exceptions. Even then if you add in exercise as a necessity then once the tension or restless feeling is removed by activity or enrichment you then have a tame calm animal. Dogs will nurture cats and lions will sleep near gazelles.
Therefore Americans, who are fat, happy, and very unlikely to exercise, what do we do? Very little

Yes you see radicals, those who are well enough off, or challenge themselves to survive off very little in order to make a point or take a stand.

While the hard working american is off attempting to chase the american dream. Work hard for a good life. While the government may not be important to them, they have inflicted a trust to these people in government to literally rule on decisions. And when these people have abused this trust what can the people do? Can we really take a day off work when we have mouths at home to feed? When we have our bills to pay? What can we do when we have our liberties to pursue. Until we are pushed into our corners we as a country, as a whole, will not strike. Entertain us, feed us, and let us barely get by and bam, the perfect recipe to rule a country.

The flaw behind this bigger power ideal is who is behind it. You need a central person or people, a council if you will who sits and decides the goals and actions of the limbs, if you will, of the country.
Who is this? Who are they and why are they doing this? Money? Power?
Logically it'd have to be a group of supporters of this goal.
You can have a movement without supporters.

My guess the motivation is money, with money comes power....

However back to my original point. What is america going to do? Will it work itself out? Will something else be uncovered? As america progresses it will be interesting as the last generation peels back and to see who comes into power, if said central power can continue to hold, as long as they keep the majority of the people happy then they will be able to, if not.....

Well it not something one can tell as of now, just something we'll have to wait and see,

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Dec 14, 2012
It's been awhile since I felt moved to write

Children died today,
Sometimes I feel like this shouldn't surprise us. Like kids in africa die every day. But recently, I've realized, what sets america apart from the rest of the world is our pride. Our damned pride and loyalty, and honor, and hell a little bit of duty thrown in the mix.

We lost our own.
It takes death to unite us.
But we'll be damned if our children die at the hands of another.

The children lost today..... Some comment about how this could have been prevented with open gun laws. Let teachers carry guns.
Maybe not teachers..... Maybe librarians? Give the quiet mothers the guns they'll make sure they're children are not harmed.

Oh america, as soon as we;ve forgotten about one shooting another happens. We forget deaths too easily. Do we not remember the shootings by those teens?

Why do we forget the children so easily?

I wonder who else died today. I'm sure a couple died of starvation, one or two from abuse, and several ore lying in the streets from drug use or a botched pregnancy delivery gone wrong waiting to be found in the morning.......

I'm not sure where my morals stand, whose to blame, or how one should grieve for this..... I just know that somehow, some way, we have to fix this....

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Oct 20, 2012
I wish I had the power to inspire

Of all the humanly and inhumanly talents one could ever thing of to give to a hero, I would want the power to inspire.

Inspiration creates technology, it starts wars, wins wars, and still can bring peace,
Words how they inspire a soul, many souls,

Just think of the possibilities,
What inspiration can do,

It brought a whole country to a stand still from a few words from Gahndi
It caused a revolution free us from tyranny
It brings two lovers together in hope that they will last one more night.....

"A story can have a predictable ending, that's fine, as long as the words in between mean something, and above all else, inspire." -Coyote

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Sep 19, 2012
Ignorance is always bliss

I do not judge people for being ignorant
Because I am at fault for ignorance

Ignorance..... can be a good thing and detrimental at the same time,

I dont watch the news because I'm already slightly depressed with out taking on the worlds burdens anyways

Then I flip over to a recent article and I just die a little inside...
No I die alot,
I'm reminded of how mean, and angry the human species as a whole is,
How we always reach for hate, instead of understanding
How just incredibly frustrating the human species as a whole is,

The ambassador in Syria, or Lybia, or where ever he was killed,
The movie that apparently started it all?
Just makes me want to scream GROW UP YOU BABIES!!!

Has no one seen "B.C."? or whatever the title was that made fun of the bible?
Has no one seen all the videos saying how christians, or jews, or atheists, or who ever is retarded?
America is funded on the fact that we can do almost whatever we want, including making a video about someone else religion and massacring their religion and way of life in the process.

And yes, that includes the videos saying anit gay videos

Its all just bullying,
All of the videos,
Just bullying
Someone who is like "Oh your wrong, your so retarded,"
And instead of being the grown up and being like 'hey if you wanna be wrong you can be wrong,' They had to be the bully and post a video,
[The video can not be considered an argument due to its lack of factual support]
Its just someone being a bully

But thats why we live in america isnt it?
We have the right to be a bully
To post a video on the internet that says whatever you want
Freedom of speech am I right?

We have to share the internet people, you cant keep one religion from logging on, just like you can't keep one gender from getting on,
The internet however has this great thing about it though, you don't have to watch every damn video that gets posted,
In fact you don't have to log on at all
You can delete those extremist christians, and the anti gay groups, from your friends list on facebook. You can close those porn adds, you can avoid certain sites all together,

Because you have the right to do so,
Because even over seas where some of the internet content is blocked
No body forces you on it anyways
Go outside
After all
isn't that how we discovered that the earth wasn't the center of the universe?

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Jul 30, 2012
I cry at the hatred that exists......

Saw an add today
About closing the border.....

and using force....

How can one human being hold such hatred within themselves?

I guess I really can't ask that.... after all I am only human, I harbor hatred towards certain fellow human beings and if a gun was put in my hand.... with no consequences.......
I can not say what action I would take......

But then it sickens me.....

How much hatred....
But then I can't rid myself of it,

Are we doomed? Doomed to this constant fight for survival that it turns into such a battle of hatred, and constant fighting.....

Yes, yes we are doomed........

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Jul 28, 2012
Band Wagon time......

I hate jumping on band wagons..... I do,
I'm not a hipster but i do like to consider myself a rebel...... however i do realize this makes me one of those hipsters who were "cool before hipster was cool"...... in other words still lame and jumping on band wagons,

This whole band wagon thing started when someone up the ladder at that chick-fil-a place said something about supporting organizations that only support anit-gay marriage. And then the muppets were like noooo no anit gays we love the gays, so now muppets wont eat chick-fil-a

For awhile it was a band wagon thing.... Then the whole "biblical thing" came into context and I was like whoa whoa whoa, hold on here, really? religion? great, here come the zealots.

But gay rights kinda hits a little close to home for me.......
Not only do I claim bisexual, but one of the few people i actually call a friend is gay and I feel like he should have more rights to pure equality then some of these monsters who think to call them self human.......

Unfortunately I have to associate myself with this species that call themselves human. As far as I'm concerned its been straight men calling the shots to start war, and even straight human beings still murder, rape and do sickening things to OTHER human beings. (Personally if you want to go shoot yourself up with cocaine go for it, just stay out of my life)

So when someone says I like to sleep with sheep, I may look at them and say gross, but I'm not going to start a petition to have them become a unic.
Personally there are other males that deserve that penalty first.
But we aren't allowed to do such things as we are a country where we give human beings rights.....

Granted even now women equality is still a fight, (see previous blog) however once again I have to draw the conclusion that if we stopped seeing people as their actions we actually might get somewhere....

GRANTED the other extreme is some one going oh I murdered someone DONT SEE MY ACTIONS

But we as human beings do have a right to protection, to keep our family safe and able to sleep at night,
So where do we draw the lines? from coke addict to gay person, to pedophiles? How do we "not judge lest we be judged" but keep our genetically reproduced spawn away from the hot burning stove? Tis a good question

The answer? Who knows? I could sit here and spout off things like tyrrany, or democracy
but the truth is humans will take it too far either way,

A zealot in the noblest of causes can still be a murderer......

"Give a man with a death wish a bottle of whisky and a loaded gun, you get a dead body. Give a martyr a quote from scripture and a pocket full of
prayers and you get a room full of corpses."
― Kevis Hendrickson

(not sure if this is Laurell K. Hamilton or just a fan's blog but it does point out some flaws in biblical stories)

I do not like bringing the bible in, I don't
Mainly because I have views on biblical things that I can not be partial on. Mainly because as the daughter of a pastor I have seen things that in my personal beliefs are wrong.....

So again I ask, how are we to over come these obstacles? With time you say? Understanding?
I say with the eradication of the human species..... However I have a feeling our judicial system wouldn't take to keenly to such an ideal.

"Let eloquence be flung to the dogs rather than souls be lost. What we want is to win souls. They are not won by flowery speeches."
― Charles H. Spurgeon

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